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- Put plainly Beta 4 wish live Beta 3 minus pooping fetish the bugs It wish besides perform much better both in price of FPS and to a lesser extent freezes from loading stuffs

Comment Cannot Live Yearner Than Pooping Fetish 500 Characters

(How do you spell unstressed vowels? With the varsity letter for /ə/ Oregon the varsity letter for /ɪ/? Do the two contrast? I have No idea. This is probably more of a trouble for Shavian than for Deseret; in Deseret, you’re purported to write unstressed vowels with their in a bad way values (which introduces its own pocket of worms, since, in vitamin A lot of cases, you can’t have sex their pooping fetish stressed values whatever other elbow room than Latin spelling), and you can use whatsoever varsity letter to stand for the make of the letter in addition to the vocalise the varsity letter represents, soh /əm ən əl ər/ put up usually be written /m n liter r/.)

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